An early prototype of a gravity based grapple hook system. The balls that you spawn attract you to them, abuse this to swing yourself around and just have fun. Soon you may even be able to race with friends or more :)

Please leave feedback on the movement system with low gravity on and off.


-Press "G" to turn off and on the low gravity mode

-Right Click to shoot your hook

-W,A,S,D to move (this also applies to when you are in the air)

Current Known Issues:

-The rope will sometimes attach to the skybox.

-You can sometimes clip into the pipes.

What's Next:

-Audio, need to find a good background sound and other SFX .

-Objectives, I want this game to have something more to it than just swinging.

-New levels, the current level is just a test bed, I want to include some nice crazy levels and race tracks for players to enjoy. 

-Multi-player, waiting on the new Unity Networking to get started on this. 


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ha got'em 

nice view

Please teach me your ways

I love this game🤩🤩🤩

please make it so you can have fullscreen in web virsion

amazingly fun! one thing tho, could you add a points system and maybe some tricks to do? that would make it a lot more fun and would also make it playable for longer. Great job tho, keep up the great work!

About skybox problem, maybe change raycast to ignore skybox layer mask.

But anyway, that project is awesome, hope you will still update it :D


Wow! I’d be curious to know: are you using a rigidbody first person character? How are you creating the “gravity” of the ball? Is there a specific function? Personally, I use Unity a lot and would be interested to see how this is built. Good job, by the way. I’m a big fan of grappling hooks in games, and I’d honestly pay $15 - 20 for this game in a more polished state. Keep up the good work!


Simple, yet amazing! Would love to see VR incorporated into it!!!! That would add another entire level of amazement to it! 

Great game! I can play this on my chromebook in school xD.

Plz update it so you can make levels :D

Great game! Keep up the good work :D

Looks really good, once you update the game a bit more i'll download it :D